Q. Do you allow submissions from actors to be considered in your future productions?

A. Yes. Send your headshot/resume and demo reel, if you have one, to: River City Entertainment, 10061 Riverside Dr. - #324, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Q. Do you only consider SAG actors?

A. We will consider all talent, especially those people who are serious about the craft of acting. We have helped 8 people earn their SAG cards so far and we hope to help many more. Make sure you sign up in our Fan Club where you will be notified when we are casting.

Q. Do you allow submission of script or story ideas for possible production?

A. At certain times we do. We currently have 8 projects in development. When we look for additional projects, we will notify our Fan Club members first before we make announcements in the trades.

Q. Should I sign up in your Fan Club if I wanted to work as production crew?

A. Yes! We will always put out a call to our Fan Club members first for any and all jobs related to our productions.