RED HATTERS MATTER!! The Red Hat Society Moves into Film and Television

Red Hat SocietyThe Red Hat Society started as a whim in 1998 and has grown to become one of the world's premier womens social groups with chapters all around the globe.

The Red Hat Society consists of “Red Hatters” (women over 50) and “Pink Hatters” (women under 50) which encompasses women of ALL AGES around the world. Click on the RHS logo for more info.

Darlene Lieblich TiptonDarlene Lieblich Tipton is a veteran Hollywood studio executive, award-winning independent producer, and active member of the Red Hat Society. Darlene and her River City Productions have signed an exclusive long-term contract with the Red Hat Society to produce quality family entertainment in the form of feature films, TV movies, TV and reality shows, and other media content based on the Red Hat Society.

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